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ProAtleto® was founded to serve athletes in their personal needs and specifically their sport. ProAtleto® offers comprehensive sports medicine support, fitness strengthening and mental coaching. In cooperation with coaches from various professions, we work with the athletes and trainers to develop individual strategies for success, self-determination and thus overall satisfaction. We are constantly expanding our network and look forward to further support from colleagues in sports orthopedics area, physiotherapeutic practices, nutritionists or even former professionals who want to share their knowledge with us for the next generation.

Professionals for professional athletes

Performance increase in balance!

Competitive sport not only pushes the body to its physical limits. Professional athletes are also exposed to enormous pressure to perform. Whether after competitions or games, the stressed body should be able to regenerate both physically and mentally. Just as in the preparation for special sporting challenges and in reliving success or unsuccessful competition, ProAtleto® offers mental-therapeutic measures in the right balance.

The corona pandemic has massively restricted all athletes worldwide in their training opportunities due to the lockdown or cut them off from them. An athlete cannot simply stop from 100% to 0% at the peak of his performance. This is medically unacceptable and mentally debilitating. Training sessions should be well planned and the athlete's resources used well. But overtraining can also weaken you. The pandemic measures that have been in place since March 2020 pose completely new challenges for coaches and athletes.

  • Does the competition take place - or not?
  • How long can an athlete continue to max out his performance in terms of the competition?
  • How and where can he regenerate?
  • How is he doing mentally?

 For 9 years, the Lausch naturopathic practice has also been dedicated to professional and junior competitive sports. This includes building fitness, preparing for competitions, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation after injuries. The practice has access to an extensive range of diagnostics and treatments. 
We offer discounted offers and short-term appointments for club trainers and squad athletes.
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With us you won't get left behind

Any body that does exercise does work. Competitive athletes do a lot of body work and mostly one-sided. With a team of therapists, we accompany you during your training to prevent movement errors, avoid injuries or to accompany the recovery from injuries as quickly and as best as possible.


With us you will reach your goal out of personal conviction

High goals require strong nerves. The sports psychology program from ProAtleto® creates awareness for more mental competence and integrative team goals. You are the focus and go your own way to success without exhausting the team spirit. Mental strength and success-oriented concepts are easier to implement with professional guidance.


Sport as a career or professional career instead of sport?

The athlete's career is just as important to us as his health. ProAtleto creates the conditions to implement career aspirations. We seek contact with the trainers and training centers and hold discussions. ProAtleto supports competitive athletes in realizing their professional perspectives. The athlete may say where to go and set the pace.

Coverage of costs for sports medicine treatments in the naturopathic practice Lausch

Clubs can benefit from lower rates for their members

The services for sports physio-osteopathy, holistic diagnostics and follow-up treatments can be billed via so-called supplementary insurance for alternative medicine, private health insurance or civil servants' allowance. Clubs and their members can also benefit from reduced premiums for supplementary insurance benefit for naturopaths. It's worth asking, depending on the offer, the contributions are for €8.00 per month / per member and cover the service - up to €1500 depending on the contract. Insurance consultants and comparison portals on the Internet help with advice. Anyone who has supplementary insurance or private health insurance can submit services that are offered according to the fee ordinance for alternative practitioners as part of the insurance up to the limit per year.
The Lausch naturopathic practice calculates according to the fee regulation. A prescription, regulation or referral from the doctor for treatment in the sports medical naturopathic practice Lausch is therefore not necessary. Statutory health insurance companies support osteopathic treatment with a small proportion, for which a private prescription is usually required.