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The professional athlete as a whole

Increasing performance and avoiding excessive demands - healthy balance is our topic

Competitive sports push the body to its limits. As a rule, professional athletes should be able to enjoy optimal medical care. Unfortunately it is not always the case. The basic structure of club sport is based on voluntariness, and so the athletes are mostly on their own until they have a professional career. Many talents fall through the screening grid because their athletic achievements do not receive special support in building up or alleviating injuries. This is exactly where the use of good therapists is required. Whether after competitions or games, the stressed body should be cared for just as well as with the professionals. Targeted therapeutic measures by an experienced performance sports therapist can also lead to the desired success when preparing for special sporting challenges.

 For over 10 years, the Lausch naturopathic practice has also been dedicated to professional and junior competitive sports. 

Coverage of costs for sports medicine treatments in the naturopathic practice Lausch

Clubs can benefit from lower rates for their members

The services for sports physio-osteopathy, holistic diagnostics and follow-up treatments can be billed via so-called supplementary insurance for alternative medicine, private health insurance or civil servants' allowance. Clubs and their members can also benefit from reduced premiums for supplementary insurance benefit for naturopaths. It's worth asking, depending on the offer, the contributions are for €8.00 per month / per member and cover the service - up to €1500 depending on the contract. Insurance consultants and comparison portals on the Internet help with advice. Anyone who has supplementary insurance or private health insurance can submit services that are offered according to the fee ordinance for alternative practitioners as part of the insurance up to the limit per year.
The Lausch naturopathic practice calculates according to the fee regulation. A prescription, regulation or referral from the doctor for treatment in the sports medical naturopathic practice Lausch is therefore not necessary. Statutory health insurance companies support osteopathic treatment with a small proportion, for which a private prescription is usually required.

All-round healthy: Offers for maximum performance

  • FasziaVita® - Myofascial diagnostics and metabolism optimization
  • PreSet - individual, constructive  ;manual therapy before competitions or games
  • ReSet - targeted manual convalescence after competitions and games
  • pain therapy, treatment of injuries and Microlesions
  • PreSet OP - individual manual therapy before surgical interventions - metabolism build-up
  • ReSet Post OP - individual, constructive manual therapy after surgical interventions and reconstruction of the performance level for the training - metabolic development

The body stores injuries - Microkinesi therapy helps and heals

Targeted, individual therapy for both acute and old injuries