Professional athletes in good hands: holistic osteopathy for competitive athletes and executive athletes

Whether it's preparation or injuries: we're also there for the athletes at the weekend

Continuous strain on the body when practicing a sport can lead to micro-injuries to the muscles and tissues, which can lead to long-term dysfunction. These micro-injuries leave "tangible" scars and prevent the athlete from actively practicing his sport. They also affect his everyday life. Performance is unexplainedly degraded and often further injuries follow as the injured regions never fully recover.

With the muscle vitality therapy©, the therapist finds access to these micro-lesions of the muscles, tendons and fascia and can thus successfully treat movement restrictions and trauma. The Muscle Vital Therapy© was developed by Blanka Kinga Lausch as a continuation of osteopathy, Microkinesi and Dorn therapy, especially for active and passive athletes.
In osteopathy and Microkinesi and Dorn therapy, therapists assume this assumes that all bodily functions depend on each other for supply and disposal through the vascular and nervous systems. Even slightly blocked joints or tense muscles can impede the supply of the body through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system and lead to symptoms. The theory goes that the body will try to compensate for disruptions in the supply or trauma that has not healed. The experienced therapist is able to use his hands to determine the "basic tension" of muscles, bones and joints and thus to identify and solve dysfunctional functions. Eliminating the dysfunction ensures an unhindered metabolism. In special cases up to the resolution of the organic and even psychological symptoms.

Microstimulation for maximum effect

Blanka Kinga Lausch offers this special form of therapy in her practice as a holistic concept for active and formerly active athletes.  

The examination is carried out while standing, sitting or lying down by palpation (scanning of the body regions). The therapy takes place immediately afterwards with gentle microstimulation of the affected muscles, tendons, fascia and skin areas. The patient can remain fully clothed. In the case of indications and diagnosis of an acute complaint, the private health insurance company or private health insurance company can take over the treatment within the framework of the respective contract. Depending on the severity of the finding, several treatments may be necessary.