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Specialist practice for holistic osteopathy, osteopathy for young children and competitive sports osteopathy as well as prevention

In osteopathy and microkinesi therapy, therapists assume that all bodily functions depend on the supply and disposal through the vascular and nervous system. Atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, blocked joints or tense muscles can impede the body's supply through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system and lead to symptoms. In the event of disruptions to the supply or traumas that have not healed, the body will try to compensate, according to the theory. The experienced osteopath or Microkinesi therapist is able to use his hands to determine the "basic tension" of muscles, bones and joints and thus to recognize and, at best, to solve disturbed functions. The elimination of the disorders ensures an unhindered metabolism. In special cases up to the resolution of the organic and even psychological symptoms.

Manual therapy according to D. Dorn

According to the founder Dieter Dorn, modern life often leads to a lack of exercise, improper strain and ultimately to misalignments of the spine. This is the cause of most back problems, but also numerous other complaints. In particular, almost everyone has a “pelvic obliquity”, which is caused by a misalignment in one or more leg joints and manifests itself in an (apparently) longer leg on the affected side. The Dorn therapy is intended to correct functional leg length discrepancies that require treatment and to set up vertebrae that are not in their normal position without mechanical pressure. The cooperation of the patient plays a major role in this. Since a pair of nerves exits from each vertebra and supplies organ and tissue areas in the same body segment, positive effects on these areas would be achieved at the same time. Vertebral correction in the chest area, for example, can normalize a disturbed respiratory function.