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FasziaVita® - The fascia hold, nourish and repair

The "FasziaVita®" therapy concept includes concrete three-pillar diagnostics, manual therapy (osteopathy, microkinesia, Dorn) as well as training and nutrition advice.

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Coverage of costs for sports medicine treatments in the naturopathic practice Lausch

Clubs can benefit from lower rates for their members

The services for sports physio-osteopathy, holistic diagnostics and follow-up treatments can be billed via so-called supplementary insurance for alternative medicine, private health insurance or civil servants' allowance. Clubs and their members can also benefit from reduced premiums for supplementary insurance benefit for naturopaths. It's worth asking, depending on the offer, the contributions are for €8.00 per month / per member and cover the service - up to €1500 depending on the contract. Insurance consultants and comparison portals on the Internet help with advice. Anyone who has supplementary insurance or private health insurance can submit services that are offered according to the fee ordinance for alternative practitioners as part of the insurance up to the limit per year.
The Lausch naturopathic practice calculates according to the fee regulation. A prescription, prescription or referral from the doctor is therefore not necessary for treatment in the sports medical naturopathic practice Lausch. Statutory health insurance companies support osteopathic treatment with a small proportion, for which a private prescription is usually required.

Modern medicine as the basis for new manual therapies

FasziaVita® means healing through deep tissue reactivation in a gentle way

The FasziaVita® concept arose from the patient's need for more freedom of movement, maintaining health and thus a better quality of life.

The living conditions in industrialized countries are becoming increasingly challenging. Everyday life is characterized by rushing to sit and from slinging to rushing. Anyone who lives according to the formula for success: "Everything I achieve in the first 30 years of my life, I will never achieve later..." will inevitably become the hounded of society. This eventually leads to him or her only running after themselves.

The endeavor to achieve and create everything as quickly as possible, to create the greatest possible yield for one's efforts, has become a matter of course. We are constantly taught that we live in competition and we become a part of the competition ourselves. Everyone has the impression that as long as they are still in the game, everything is fine. The result is a society that is completely overwhelmed, which is increasingly struggling with too many civilization diseases and has to live with the consequences of burnout and stress syndromes.

The diagnostics and therapy of FasziaVita® are based on the metabolic processes of the connective tissue, i.e. the fascia. With the right diagnostics, the living connective tissue can reveal interference fields. These can be brought into balance with various therapeutic approaches.

The approach of the therapy concept is to recognize the existing physical complaints (musculoskeletal system, digestion and metabolism) and psychological causes (worries, grief or professional or private stress) and to treat them individually. The aim is for the patient to regain control of his or her original level of fitness and mental health, and to be able to control it themselves.

FasziaVita® restores personal self-determination and lets people fully meet today's requirements again. The individual therapy program has already brought numerous patients out of their crisis and accompanies them in their daily life.

If you are interested in learning more about the FasziaVita® concept,
call the practice at 08994381999 or use the form provided here.

Stress Pain

Patients are often at a loss when their back suddenly starts to hurt for no apparent reason. The 3-pillar model of FasziaVita® gets to the bottom of the cause of the pain and can help to solve the symptoms in the long term and improve the quality of life again.

compensation work

The FasziaVita® concept traces the causes of the problems and offers solutions to compensate. The program provides individual treatment.

Free and happy

School can also be fun. FasziaVita® offers approaches from psychology and stress management to create the learning workload. The concept responds to the high demands of the time with modern and sustainable methods.


Learn to know or learn to survive:
Whether at school or at university - numerous children
and young people are already at the end of their strength.