The success of a good relationship

This is how the systemic family constellation works

The classic family constellation takes place in groups of 6 to 12 people. Someone who wants to solve a personal problem gets in touch to have a constellation done for them. The therapist questions this client about his situation and his concerns. The client initially observes the course of the constellation. Representatives from the group of participants are asked to set up representatives both for the client and for his/her family members (who are presumed to be essential to the client's concerns). These chosen individuals are positioned in relation to each other. The systemic constellation work is about the relationship to each other as well as the possible 'entangled' relation to each other. Above all, it is about the 'entangled' Recognizing reference points, finding their cause and solving them. The representatives are able to perceive feelings or thoughts in the positions taken, which often mirror the represented people from the client's family system in an amazing way. This phenomenon is called "representative perception". The client observes this transmission until he is able to take on the situation himself and, if necessary, to solve it. It is crucial for the meaningful course of a family constellation that the client has a serious concern.

Process of the family constellation

  1. Interview with the client without a representative
    He is asked about his topic and his family
  2. Joint listing by proxy
  3. Disclosure of the problem and, if necessary, resolution of the topic or the entanglement.
  4. Then there is the possibility to discuss the topic again with the therapist.
  5. Debriefing of the constellation round how did the client and the representative feel?