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More conscious exercise for mind and body

Since October 2013, the naturopathic practice Lausch has had another, spacious therapy room. All movement classes, workshops and family constellations take place here.
Holistic training with sense and reason: targeted stretching and minimal effort. The Lausch practice has an offer for all age groups and problem areas. Stomach, legs, bottom, golf elbow and screen neck.

Body-Shaping® - figure and fitness

Body-Shaping® - figure and fitness

The course Body-Shaping® is called like it works. During the 10-hour workshop, participants  how to get your body in shape most effectively. Body-Shaping® stretches your legs, smoothes the stomach and tightens the bottom. In addition, it brings strength and vitality for the whole day.

The holistic exercise program is made up of exercise units of professional dancer workouts, Pilates, yoga and muscle vitality therapy®, taking into account osteopathy. And therefore very suitable after rehab and for problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Body-Work for Geeks®

Body-Work for Geeks® is the same as Powernap for nerds - it's a training specifically for men who do business and sports such as tennis, golf, etc. want to reconcile. Body work is the balance. Structured similarly to Bodyshaping®, it is designed for posture and holistic strengthening. The training is primarily about networking all muscle groups and, as a result, the concentrated distribution of power to the abdomen, shoulder and chest zones as well as the rectus femoris (thigh) and gluteus maximus (buttocks). According to the art of osteopathy, the training begins with progressive relaxation, then a warm-up and finally the power phase. Body-Work for Geeks® is an individual coaching and costs €45 - €65 per unit depending on the effort. Group registrations of up to 4 participants are possible.