Healthy gut - healthy animal - long life

The intestine reveals how the dog really feels - it all starts with the right food

At the Lausch naturopathic practice, attention is also paid to animals' nutrition and digestion. The main rule to keep in mind when feeding dogs and cats is the quality of the food and the origin of the ingredients.

Whether you give barf, dry food or wet food from a can - what is most important is that your pet absorbs the food well and can also metabolize it. Just because "all the best" is written on a dog food does not automatically mean that your pet will tolerate it well. In addition, numerous additives and preservatives can irritate and weaken latently until malignant events develop. Last but not least, taking antibiotics from the 3rd day can massively imbalance the microbiota (positively active intestinal bacteria) in the intestinal mucosa,  fungi and digestive problems are the result.

Detailed stool diagnostics for animals can be used to determine whether your animal is healthy and how your animal actually absorbs the nutrients. The Naturheilpraxis Lausch offers you the opportunity to examine the animal's droppings, to treat the animal and to put together a specially tailored feeding program for your darling to keep it healthy in the long term.

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