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Blanka Kinga Lausch

12 years of practical experience and always for the better of the patient

Modern medicine implemented correctly

Blanka Kinga Lausch has been working as an alternative practitioner in her own practice in Aschheim, Munich East, just 20 minutes from the center of Munich since 12 years.
In addition to general naturopathic offers, the alternative practitioner has specialized in profound  Specialized in osteopathy, osteopathy for young children and growing children, osteopathy for competitive athletes and support for senior athletes with sports physiotherapy measures. Through her many years of experience with active competitive athletes and the deep insights into their real needs, she developed the diagnostic procedure FasziaVita® and founded ProAtleto®. The development of diagnostics for myofascial metabolism and the resulting treatment methods to alleviate numerous complaints is a Mailenstein in naturopathy. With the holistic method of FasziaVita®, patients get back on their feet much faster than expected. But that's not the only thing revolutionizing rehabilitation measures. With the method, patients can reach their desired level of fitness much faster, even after severe, limiting injuries, and maintain it in the long term with good discipline. In addition, FasziaVita® also protects against further injuries and overuse in the long term.