Naturopathy for animals starts with the right diagnosis

An animal can't tell you how it really feels. The empathetic animal owner can only guess whether his darling is doing well or not. As a rule, pet owners only react to an animal when it smells particularly bad, runs, eats or looks tired. As owners, we look at the color and sheen of the coat or skin. We hear coughing or sneezing. If pet owners are particularly concerned, they should of course visit the veterinarian.

Since February 2016, the Lausch naturopathic practice has also been offering naturopathy for pets.
The main focus is on the pet's diet. The feed should not only be rich and varied, but also free of additives and preservatives. Many allergies and intolerances begin in the gut. Because only a healthy blood can absorb all the nutrients and make them available to the body. We are happy to put your dog's intestinal flora to the test. You can get the diagnostic sets from us in the practice.< /p>